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We are so proud of all our graduates, most of whom are now working actors, building their dream and sharing it with the world! Taylor Studio graduates can now be seen as series regulars on television, cast members of touring shows, leads in feature films, and beyond. Several alums have gone on to pursue careers in other fields within the arts: touring the world with their music, winning Emmys for producing, casting exciting projects for major studios and networks, just to name a few! We are grateful to those who have taken time out of their busy lives to share with you some of their thoughts on their time studying at the Taylor Acting Studio.

At the Taylor Studio you are not working to impress your teacher, but to step into your power as an actor and self-acceptance as an artist. Alex has this gradual, gentle way of guiding you to take full ownership of your work and your process, which is a level of independence and empowerment no other teacher has ever attempted to give me.



Alex is an absolute master at getting actors to find their truthful, unique voice and bringing it into their acting. The amount of growth and transformation that I experienced after working with Alex is incomparable to any other acting class I’ve ever taken. Alex allowed me to find the confidence in myself to go from just identifying as an actor to identifying as a true artist and craftsperson in the field of acting.


There are few people, in Los Angeles especially, who have the ability to guide their students into a place of such delicate vulnerability, in a way that significantly enhances their acting potential. Alex is one of these rare sorts. His teaching is no less than masterful.

Alex's work is to not only create great is to develop passionate artists who bring truth to the world.  His class is a journey of enfoldment into the depths of one's being. He is my one and only teacher... A.K.A he's the shit.

I knew as soon as Alex and I shook hands for the first time that we were on the same page and that I would benefit enormously from his teachings. Cut to a year later... I did. From something as simple as listening to your scene partner to being able to dissect complex characters. We both know how brutal it is out there. Alex gave me the strength and confidence to continue to plow through the competition.


Never have I felt more nutured as an Artist as I have with Alex.  He allows you to reach your full potential 

without "directing you". This allowed me to be more self sufficient as an Artist which is what we call want!  He truly cares about his students on a human level. 

Justin Chon, "Pachinko" Apple TV Director

"Twlight", Eric 

"Blue Bayou" Writer, Actor and Director

I am searching for a concise way to speak on my time with Alex but sometimes it is difficult to distill all the goodness down.  As Alex says, "words dissipate meaning". I'll be honest with you, I've been working as a full time actor for a few years when I got to the Taylor Studio but I had no idea what I was doing. Not really. And so I always felt like I was an amateur.  An earnest amateur, sometimes confident, sometimes flying by the seat of my pants, but an amateur nonetheless. I felt deep down that no matter what I booked or worked on., I was missing a tiny sense of being present, truly present. I was fortunate to find this class!

Chen Tang, HBO Warriors, Disney live Action Mulan

Los Angeles Meisner Classes


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