Application process of

The Taylor Acting Studio

Yes, it is true....we do not take everyone that applies! 

We require commitment, passion, motivation and determination from each and every member of The Taylor Studio Family. 

In order to guarantee that we are as much a match for you as you are for us, we have designed the Personal Interview Process. 

We require a completed Application and an Agreement to the below listed four school rules BEFORE you can set up your Personal Interview.

Once we received your completed application we will call you to set up your personal interview.  *Acceptance and continued enrollment are at the sole discretion of Mrs. and Mr. Taylor

#1 - Don't Be Late

This is to instill professionalism on set. We understand LA traffic and ask if you'll be late to class to call.

#2 - Don't Miss Class

Unless you book paid work.  (Student films do not count. You'll learn more in class.)

#3 - What Happens in Class Stays in Class

This work can be very soul bearing, and artists need to feel safe in their creative homes.

#4 - Rehearse

If actors cannot commit to rehearsing what they say is their dream, they are kidding themselves and are not the type of actor we work with here at

The Taylor Acting Studio

Did you read and do you agree to the four school rules?
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