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Whatever called you to the art of acting—an inner voice, a creative impulse, a sense of knowing you are meant to serve the world in a higher, deeper way— thank you for listening to that call.   At the Taylor Acting Studio we are the only school backed by the Sanford Meisner Estate.  We are proud of this and will push you into being the best actor you can be...our goal is to get you working.     


We don't show you how to book a job, we train you to book a room and build a Career!

"...There is no acting teacher I can or would recommend above Alex Taylor. [He] possesses all the traits you want in an artist, human being & friend--always prepared, ready to work and a pure joy."

-James Carville

Sanford Meisner's Life Partner &

President of the Sanford Meisner Estate

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​Telephone : ​818.335.1140​​​

Catch Alex on Act Like A Pro Podcast

Co-Host, and Recent Graduate, Christina Morrell sat down with Alex recently for an interview for her hit podcast Act Like A Pro. The two discuss the craft in a raw, honest way that is beneficial to both the novice actor and the working professional! Make sure to listen, rate, review and subscribe to Act Like A Pro, on Apple Podcasts!