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Red Carpet Event


Welcome Students, Graduates and Friends! We have some exciting things coming up and can't wait to see you there!


Join us Thursday, December 14th at 7pm!


Come meet Alex Taylor and have your questions answered about ACTING and the

Meisner Technique!

RSVP by text or calling 818.335.1140


Character Breakdowns & Sides

(All audition sides can be found by clicking on the character's name.)













Early to Mid 20's. Attractive, Vulnerable, Naive. She so desperately wants to find the love of her life andseeks comfort in books until she finds the one.

Early 20's to Mid 30's. Tries to be smooth but doesn't quite make the cut. Hasn't successfully picked up a girl in quite some time despite trying to do so on a literal weekly basis.

Early 20's to Early 30's. A dreamer type. She has been carrying on a 5 year love affair with a married older man & desperately wants him to leave his wife despite seeing (& being proposed to by) a man her age.

Late 30's to 50's. A married man with two kids. After being married for over 15 years he claims to no longer be in love with his wife. Has been carrying on a love affair for 5 years with a younger woman.

Mid 20's to Early 40's. Married woman with two kids. A strong  career type woman who is comfortable with her sexuality.

Mid 20's to Early 40's. Married man with two kids. Ex-marine. Has had an unsually upsetting week and has been recently been feeling highly immasculated. Just wants to unwind for the night.

Early 20's to Early 30's. A soft sensitive type. A gentle nurturing presence. She is recently engaged to the love of her life. She is definitely the calm one of the two of them.

Early 20's to Early 30's. Newly engaged and very much having cold feet about the whole thing. A neurotic and huge personality. Despite his fears of marriage he is deeply in love with his fiance.

40's to 50's. Richie's mom, Frank's wife, & Joan's mother-in-law. Despite being a strong & opinionated woman who hasn't been treated the best in her relationship, she can't bring herself to understand her son & daughter-in-law's impending divorce.

40's to 50's. Richie's dad, Bea's husband, & Joan's father-in-law. Strong, stubborn, simple-minded, & old-fashioned. Has made quite a few mistakes in his marriage & life. Can't bring himself to understand why his son & daughter-in-law would divorce.

Early 20's to Early 30's. Richie's wife of 6 years. Considers herself to be closer to her mother-in-law than her own mother which makes her impending divorce from Richie even harder.

Early 20's to Early 30's. Bea & Frank's son & Joan's husband of 6 years. Is currently going through an impending divorce with Joan that his overbearing parents can't seem to wrap their heads around.

**Please Note: Presently we are limiting our auditions to graduates of the studio. If you are not yet affiliated with our studio and you are interested in auditioning we invite you to check out our Free Class on 12/14/23 (more info above.)


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