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The class  begins with a 3 month training of intensive improvisational work, including the Repetition Exercise, in which actors learn to take the attention off themselves and put it on their partners' real behavior, allowing it to affect them and cause a truthful reaction. Students then apply this strong beginning in their ability to "live truthfully" to modern scene work. The rest of the program is devoted to a heightening of this sense of truth and the actors' emotional depth through more improvisational work and scenes.  After seven months, the actors emerge more honest human beings with instruments ready to act truthfully in film, television, and the stage.

Meets: Monday and ThursdayNights  from 7pm to 10pm.  

Duration: Approx 6 to 7 months (up to Teacher discretion as some classes move faster than others)

Tuition: $360 per month plus Registration Fee ($360)

Class start date: January 8th, 2024      NOW INTERVIEWING!!

Drama Performance


Technique for Training

and Working Actors


This transcendental introductory acting class is suitable for all artists from the already working series regular, to the pre-professional actor who has never performed on stage, or in front of a camera. This class is perfect for international students and committed actors with flexible schedules.  Students begin with opening up their hearts and ears through the famous Repetition Exercise, then delve down to discover what he or she would live and die for throughout the stages of their improvisation work in the Independent Activity Exercises.


In just a brief 6 week program, actors will find themselves more present, not only in their careers, but also their lives.  Artists will work in a fast-paced and highly rewarding environment, trained by professionals who are experts in their craft. This is one of LA's best values!

Duration: 6 weeks / 4 days a week 10am to 1pm)!

Tuition: $1000 (less than $200 a week!)

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Class start date: We are NOW INTERVIEWING

Upcoming Classes: begins July 8th


Students interested in continuing on to achieve their Certificate of Completion- authorized by the Sanford Meisner Estate, James Carville and Alex Taylor- will be invited to interview based on the quality of their work & work ethic throughout their First Year training. 

Continuing to sharpen the tools forged in the First Year (Traditional or Accelerated), actors move into advanced and highly emotional improvisational work, script interpretation, character crafting, and advanced scenes. The Second Year student will find success in learning to develop an impeccable work ethic and a commitment to overall quality in her craft. This course demands a level of surrender to character that requires deliberate practice and allows students to consistently create and live as complex human beings in their art. Through the Second Year course of study, actors fine-tune their process so it is a trusted, reliable way to GET work, KEEP work, and most importantly, DO great work. 

Meets: Wednesday Nights 7pm to 10pm and Saturdays | 10am to 1pm

Duration: 9 to 10  months (up to Teacher discretion)

Tuition: $380 per month plus Registration Fee

"First Year is where you learn to act;

Second Year wins you Oscars"



Parking is available on Burbank and the side streets. Pay attention to signage!

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