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An artist cannot share anything of substance if he is hiding in his corner of the world. We must strive to expand our understanding so we can enrich ourselves to create in a more meaningful way! This concept led Sandy and now leads Alex to bring this way of working to students all over the globe. Read below to find out how you can work on your craft all over the world!

Sanford Meisner Estate Voted Bet Acting Class


Summer Workshops Europe

Sandy began summer intensive trainings at his Caribbean home in Bequia in 1983. For nearly a decade, Sandy hand selected a group of students to study with him in a one-month, passionate and inspiring intensive program there on the island.


The Taylor Studio returns to its original training grounds for a Professional Level One Intensive.


This is certain to be a life-changing experience. Over these four weeks, you will be transformed and grow tremendously as an artist by having the opportunity to remove yourself from the rest of the world and focus completely on your craft. Dive in by emailing us here!



Students traveling to Bequia on this once-in-a-lifetime trip will stay at Sanford Meisner's Home (until it fills up) , two to a room and it is INCLUDED IN THE COST!!

With breathtaking views, and the gentle breeze of the Caribbean air, these mini-retreats will offer plenty of opportunity for rest, relaxation and creativity.


Led by Alex Taylor, students will be transformed as they study at Sanford Meisner's Home in the very classroom that he taught out of.  Each course will meet Monday-Friday for two hours of in-class instruction followed by daily rehearsals.


european summer immersion

Join Alex for a two-week intensive in Berlin, Germany this summer! Classes are for English-speaking actors seeking an immersive and illuminating training program, an effective process for approaching material, and a one-of-a-kind cross-cultural experience. Actors ready to work hard and play hard with Hollywood's Best Acting Coach can request more information here!


Led by Alex Taylor, students of all walks of life will have Monday-Friday instruction for 3 hours each day, followed by an hour of rehearsal. All classes will be led in English.

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