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Taylor Acting Studio

Live Truth-fully!

One of the world's premier acting studios, we are dedicated to inspiring and instructing artists in bringing themselves and stories to life through the craft of acting. We work with simple yet profoundly rewarding tenets of Depth, Imagination, and Truth. We teach artists how to utilize their individual uniqueness and life experience, fully exploring their Depth; how to engage in committed play and acceptance, strengthening the Imagination; and how to both practice and demand authenticity, fortifying their commitment to Truth.


We do this through personal, guided instruction by  the most Awarded Acting Teacher and Coach, Alex Taylor: a step by step, sequential approach of exercises, improvisational work, and scenes.


With more Academy Award nominated actors trained in this approach than any other technique, we believe fully in this way of working and in the artists that come through our doors.

Your Acting Training


*Meisner Intensive Program

*Traditional Meisner Program

*Meisner Buddy Classes

*Zoom Meisner

*3 Month Acting Intensive (learn the first year in 3 months!)

*Summer Intensive Program

*Second Year 

*Los Angeles Summer Meisner Intensive 2023

*Study Meisner at The Meisner Estate in the Caribbean 2024


Private Coaching

*Sign up for Coaching from Hollywood's Most Awarded Private Acting Coach or with a Taylor Studio faculty member


Our Studio

Theater Group

Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor is the youngest acting teacher to have worked with legendary acting teacher Sanford Meisner. He was in the last class to work with Meisner before Meisner's death in 1997.

Taylor attended Baylor University and studied with Sandra Seacat, coach to such actors as Johnny Depp, Jessica Lange, Meg Ryan and Mickey Rourke.

Alex is one of only 3 teachers in 21 years to be chosen and trained to teach the Meisner Technique. In 2008 James Carville and Alex Taylor opened The Sanford Meisner Studio in Burbank and then moved to the NoHo Arts District after the Pandemic. (later name to be changed to The Taylor Studio.)

Our Alumni


"At the Taylor Studio you are not working to impress your teacher, but to step into your power as an actor and self-acceptance as an artist. Alex has this gradual, gentle way of guiding you to take full ownership of your work and your process, which is a level of independence and empowerment no other teacher has ever attempted to give me."

-Evanna Lynch,

Harry Potter Series,  Luna Lovegood

Evanna Lynch

Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter Series


Chris Lowell

"There are few people, in Los Angeles especially, who have the ability to guide their students into a place of such delicate vulnerability, in a way that significantly enhances their acting potential. Alex is one of these rare sorts. His teaching is no less than masterful."


Justin Chon

"Never have I felt more nurtured as an Artist as I have with Alex.  He allows you to reach your full potential without "directing" you.  This allowed me to be more self sufficient as an Artist which is what we all want.  He truly cares about his students on a human level." 

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