Whatever called you to the art of acting—an inner voice, a creative impulse, a sense of knowing you are meant to serve the world in a higher, deeper way— we applaud you for listening to that call. 

It is time for professionalism again in the craft of Acting.  Here at The Taylor Acting Studio we believe in a craftsman's mindset. We train Actors not just to book jobs but to book the room!  When you book a room they remember you.

You will learn that you are enough!

The Meisner Technique has more Academy Award Winners than any other Acting Technique. We are the Only School that works with the Meisner Estate...you can be confident you are learning the Authentic Meisner Technique!  (It MATTERS!)

Study Online with Hollywood's Top Teacher from the comfort of your own home.

James Carville, life partner and

President of the Sanford Meisner Estate

Testimonial for The Taylor Acting Studio 

Don't study Meisner anywhere else!

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